It was on this day 13 years ago that I managed to marry my best friend and love of my life in Belize.  I’m lucky to have her in my life to help make me a better person, a better father, and a reason to become a better husband on a daily basis.  Fortunately she is patient and doesn’t expect miracles on a daily basis.  As is with most of our anniversaries, it was a very romantic day sitting at the bank getting our lease notarized, her taking the boys to the movies, me taking the boys skating, and then her shuttling Mason to youth church.  Here is to eternity with my wonderful wife.

It’s On!

This past April marked one year since I quit working and decided to spend the summer with the boys.  When they went back to school last fall I started to look at getting back into the work force and then we started thinking it would be good to look into starting something for ourselves and for the future of our family.  As a big fan of Nothing Bundt Cakes from our Dallas days we started meeting with them last October and after several meetings I realized the numbers don’t lie and Melanie and I made the decision to pursue a franchise, which was awarded to us in December.

After very long and complicated lease negotiations we will be signing our lease for a building in Fairview Heights, Il on Monday.  For my non St. Louis friends, the location is about 20 miles from downtown and more importantly a few miles from my hometown of O’Fallon, Il.  For my Illinois friends, our location is 5915 N Illinois (Hwy 159) about a mile south of the mall right next to the St. Louis Bread company.  Our current projected opening date is November 10th, but we are doing everything we can to move that up to be sure we are fully prepared for the holidays.

As our family blog has been dormant I suppose now is a good time to get it back up and running.  I will do my best to post regular updates on our progress in an effort to keep everyone up to date and probably more importantly to provide me a release of the stress that runs non stop through my head.

Below is a video that we put together as part of our application process for the franchise.  It’s cheesy and fun, which is pretty much a great description of our family.

Mother’s Day 2017

The mom’s in my life are so special that I decided they were too good to post this along with everyone else’s posts about their mother.

So happy Mother’s Day first to the incredible mother of my boys.  The way my boys look up to her and love on her really is well deserved.  She is patient and kind and always supportive of the boys’ dreams even if it means sitting at the ballpark watching them play baseball on her special day.

A very happy Mother’s Day to my special mom who has helped raise me to be what I believe is a pretty decent contribution to society and more importantly she has been an incredibly loving and supportive grandmother.  Sorry we missed your day yesterday, but your understanding and support of the boys’ schedules is also another component of why you are so special.

Proud Dad Moment

Tonight was the first game of the playoffs for Mason’s hockey team.  After an up and down season they took the 4th seed in a 16 team league and tonight’s game was a tough one.  After three periods it ended at 2-2 with Mason’s team going into overtime on a 5 on 3 penalty kill.  After a scoreless 5 minute overtime it came down to a best of three shoot out.  Mason’s coach chose to shoot second and then pulled Mason to the side and told him “I chose to shoot second because you are going to win this game for us.”  And what do you know, Mason went out and saved the first shot, our shooter went down and had an amazing deke and a goal.  Mason then made a phenomenal (lucky) save with the butt end of his stick.  Our next shooter put on a great deke but lost the puck.  Then came their third shooter and Mason stood strong.  I hate to leave things to sports, but I was so proud of how he stood up to this test of pressure.  Below is a video clip, filmed by another dad, of the last shot.  What is perhaps even more heart warming is that the team you see watching and cheering after the save is the other team from our Kirkwood club that we will face tomorrow in the second round.

Someday Is Today, Day 22 & 23

I am totally blown away by the generosity of our family and friends.  Two days ago we met our goal of $4000 and I ask to push towards another $1000.  In those two days we raised $910 alone.  You are all so incredibly amazing and I can’t thank you all enough.  We walk tomorrow night and please know that we will be walking with you thoughts of you and your support.  My fact of the day (last two days actually) will be just an image of our hero, Cutler.  This December will be 7 years!

12027308_852658608183692_3744998645374489895_oFor those that haven’t had the chance yet, don’t despair as the site is open for at least another month!


Someday Is Today, Day 21

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated and helped share our message.  Today we surpassed our original goal of $4000.  Pretty amazing to get such support in only 21 days.  But don’t think the effort is over.  Time to stretch the goal a bit and see if we can get to $5000!

Help us illuminate the possibility of a future without blood cancer.

14305420_10153905346769013_976230778347225046_oNo donation is too small!