Someday Is Today, Days 16,17,18

Sorry, took the weekend off accidentally on my daily mission.  So here is a little something from a recent email from the Exec Director of LLS, Midwest region.

“In 2015, 6 new agents received FDA approval and 8 potential new agents were given breakthrough status to treat blood cancers.  While these new treatment options serve many different blood cancer subtypes, the standard of care for AML has not changed in 40 years.  LLS has brought together an unprecedented collaboration of renowned academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies to develop more individualized, effective treatment approaches to BEAT AML.”

This hits very close to home as Cutler’s battle was against AML.  While we tout the improvements in the battle against different types of leukemias, it is shocking to see that AML is so far behind.  However, it is great to see the resources being put forth to address this and push on in the fight thanks in large part to the efforts of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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A Little Throwback

For some reason today the blog site got a spike in a views and while trying to see why I was stumbling through Google and found this link from back in 2012.  Our third year of fund raising for LLS.

We miss the days of the lemonade stands with our incredible friends and neighbors.

Someday Is Today, Day 12

Despite progress, more than a third of blood cancer patients still do not survive five years after their diagnosis.

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Brother’s Day 2016

Tonight after Cutler’s game when it was brought up that today was the 7th anniversary of his diagnosis he asked why do we have anniversaries of bad things.  No matter how hard I tried to explain that it is for both bad and good he just couldn’t accept it.  This is why we started celebrating Brother’s Day in 2010 with a quick trip to Disney World.  After Mason had grown tired of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, he asked when was Brother’s Day and so a new family holiday had been formed.  We have cut back from such trips now that the boys are in school, but we always make an effort to celebrate one way or another.  Unfortunately today was occupied with hockey and baseball for both boys so we are postponing the celebration until next Saturday.  But alas I still need to wish them both a very Happy Brother’s Day.