We Have A Sign!

So this past week the crew has completed demo, roughed in the electricity, roughed in the plumbing, cut through the main electrical line to the fire panel for the entire development, and installed our sign. I’m trying to gloss over that cut through the main line and I will hold off on blaming my contractors as the conduit was run IN the cement and not under the cement. We are currently a few days behind schedule, but the GC is feeling pretty confident that we can make up this time along the way. Most important is that the sign has gone up and it’s starting to create some buzz and awareness of what’s going in.

Up next this coming week is for the oven to be installed on Monday and to start framing in the walls. Meanwhile Rebecca and I are working on finding some potential community events to attend to help sample and spread the goodness of Nothing Bundt Cakes as we prepare for our grand opening. Based on the original construction schedule we were targeting 11/11, but to be safe I will estimate 11/18 for now. The stress level is climbing as I continue to learn something new every day, but seeing people’s reaction when they learn what we are opening I get that much more excited.

Construction Starts Today!

Yesterday the boys and I took a little trip to the store to hang our permits so that the crew can start demo today.  After a whirlwind month of training in Dallas with Rebecca, the next stage begins today.  We have an aggressive 7 week schedule for construction and I’m quite certain it is going to fly by.  Stress is growing at the same pace as the excitement.


Light The Night 2017

Today I was asked to write a few lines about Cutler for this year’s Light The Night, as he will be on stage for the introductions, and while writing something down I started to get pretty emotional. I was pretty surprised as I usually file those emotions away, but then I realized that it is 9/11 which is our anniversary of Cutler’s diagnosis. So this post is now two fold, it’s my chance to share my post from several years ago sharing what 9/11 means to us by sharing my post from a few years ago.


It’s also my chance to ask for your support during our annual fund raising efforts. Unfortunately being focused on training the past three weeks I have not been able to push forth our efforts as I have in the past. Fortunately we have a big head start provided Cutler’s swim team’s efforts raising close to $5000 via the swimathon. Please consider helping us in your efforts. Any size donation counts. Help us eradicate blood cancers and help prevent others from having their own personal 9/11.


Brother’s Day 2017

Getting this one in just in the nick of time. Today is the 8 year anniversary of Cutler being diagnosed with AML and rather than wallow in sorrow, many years ago we chose to celebrate this day and name it brothers day. We came up with this when Mason, then four years old, got tired of celebrating Mother’s Day and then Father’s Day and asked us when Brother’s Day was and so the holiday was born. We started our first Brother’s Day with the big celebration of heading to Disney World, but unfortunately as the boys have gotten older and unable to skip school we are forced to lighten the celebration to a hair cut, swim practice, and dinner. Unfortunately this year it was even without me as I wrap up training for the new bakery in Dallas, but that’s alright as it is more the celebration of Mason and Cutler being together.


Last night Cutler’s swim team held their annual swim-a-thon and this year it was in Cutler’s honor and all of the funds are being given to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society via our annual Light The Night walk (http://pages.lightthenight.org/gat/StLouis17/teamcutler).  The turn out was amazing and I am still in awe watching these kids from age 5 – 18 voluntarily swimming laps for a cause.

Last year Cutler impressed us by swimming around 35 laps.  This year his goal was initially to reach 50, which he reached within the first hour of the four hour long event.  He could have quit, but instead kept on swimming until he took a break to eat dinner after reaching 94.  He told me his arms were tired so he was probably only going to hit 100 and then head home.  30 minutes later I look over and he is still swimming away.  Proud to say that by the end of the night he hit 160 laps.  Keep in mind that 64 laps is roughly one mile, so he swam 2 1/2 miles in four hours last night.  So very proud of him.

If’ you would like to support our Light the Night effort via donation or joining us for the walk, you can visit our site at http://pages.lightthenight.org/gat/StLouis17/teamcutler.


It was on this day 13 years ago that I managed to marry my best friend and love of my life in Belize.  I’m lucky to have her in my life to help make me a better person, a better father, and a reason to become a better husband on a daily basis.  Fortunately she is patient and doesn’t expect miracles on a daily basis.  As is with most of our anniversaries, it was a very romantic day sitting at the bank getting our lease notarized, her taking the boys to the movies, me taking the boys skating, and then her shuttling Mason to youth church.  Here is to eternity with my wonderful wife.

It’s On!

This past April marked one year since I quit working and decided to spend the summer with the boys.  When they went back to school last fall I started to look at getting back into the work force and then we started thinking it would be good to look into starting something for ourselves and for the future of our family.  As a big fan of Nothing Bundt Cakes from our Dallas days we started meeting with them last October and after several meetings I realized the numbers don’t lie and Melanie and I made the decision to pursue a franchise, which was awarded to us in December.

After very long and complicated lease negotiations we will be signing our lease for a building in Fairview Heights, Il on Monday.  For my non St. Louis friends, the location is about 20 miles from downtown and more importantly a few miles from my hometown of O’Fallon, Il.  For my Illinois friends, our location is 5915 N Illinois (Hwy 159) about a mile south of the mall right next to the St. Louis Bread company.  Our current projected opening date is November 10th, but we are doing everything we can to move that up to be sure we are fully prepared for the holidays.

As our family blog has been dormant I suppose now is a good time to get it back up and running.  I will do my best to post regular updates on our progress in an effort to keep everyone up to date and probably more importantly to provide me a release of the stress that runs non stop through my head.

Below is a video that we put together as part of our application process for the franchise.  It’s cheesy and fun, which is pretty much a great description of our family.