Light The Night 2017

Today I was asked to write a few lines about Cutler for this year’s Light The Night, as he will be on stage for the introductions, and while writing something down I started to get pretty emotional. I was pretty surprised as I usually file those emotions away, but then I realized that it is 9/11 which is our anniversary of Cutler’s diagnosis. So this post is now two fold, it’s my chance to share my post from several years ago sharing what 9/11 means to us by sharing my post from a few years ago.

It’s also my chance to ask for your support during our annual fund raising efforts. Unfortunately being focused on training the past three weeks I have not been able to push forth our efforts as I have in the past. Fortunately we have a big head start provided Cutler’s swim team’s efforts raising close to $5000 via the swimathon. Please consider helping us in your efforts. Any size donation counts. Help us eradicate blood cancers and help prevent others from having their own personal 9/11.

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