About The Team

TeamFricke was formed on July 5th, 2004 when Aaron was lucky enough to fool Melanie that she was better off to spend the rest of her life with him in a small ceremony on the beaches of Belize.  Unfortunately for Melanie marriages in Belize are recognized by US law and so she is still stuck with me.  Over a year later Mason was brought into the team and then almost four years later Cutler finished off the team.

This site was started on the rough night of September 12th, 2009 the day after our beloved Cutler was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  I started the site in order to help disseminate the daily and sometimes hourly updates of Cutler’s progress to all of our loving family, friends, and friends of friends that kept a constant vigil on his progress.  Fortunately Cutler beat the nasty disease and I decided to keep the site going as a way to share our lives with everyone as we progress through life, whether it be milestones, disappointments, fund-raising to fight cancer, or just funny moments.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.  We hope you enjoyed your stay and know that you are welcome back anytime you like.  If you want to contact us, I can be reached at aaron@teamfricke.com.

6 thoughts on “About The Team

  1. Dear Ones, Not too sure what Carter donation is, but 2 RNs with BSNs should be able to get through the maze. Good talk with Eddie, Ellen and Barb, but also our prayers are with Betty too. ALL our in our special thoughts everyday. Be strong, but some days you are allowed to feel like crap too. Chris and I have been in your shoes too, but you have light at your tunnel’s opening. Prayers and lovins ALWAYS!!!
    Cathy & All in Las Vegas


  2. Aaron,

    Your little guys, and your wife are darling. Of course you are too. A beautiful family.

    We will keep the baby and all of you in our prayers.

    Love, Rae and Dale


  3. The prayers should be coming in from Spain. Candles were lighted in every major cathedral in Madrid and Andalusia, including but not limited to: Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Cordoba, Seville, Ronda and Granada. I didn’t miss any churches in four of the white towns as well.

    Glad to hear that he’s doing well and will be home soon.

    Sandy and Garry


  4. We think of you every day. I check your web site every morning to check on Cutler and the rest of you. Please know that we have numerous friends and family praying for you. Please take care and I can see what a special family that you are. Love, Kim and Frank


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