Light The Night 2016

It’s that time of year again where I frantically start my last minute fund raising for our annual Light the Night walk where we raise funds to help the fight against blood cancers in honor of Cutler’s successful battle against leukemia and in memory of my dear Grandmother Fricke who battled lymphoma.  No donation is too small and any sharing of our effort is greatly appreciated as we continue to push for the cause so that no one will have to go through what Cutler did when he was only 6 months old.

Thank you in advance for your support!

IMG_2410 (1)

Our honored hero, Cutler now 7 years old and almost 7 years cancer free!

No Hippy Here

While eating dinner Cutler is discussing his usual views on how to make money, which according to him the best approach is to study hard at college. Very proud that he is developing this mentality already but then he throws out “Are you alright having a nerd in the family? Because I am going to be a nerd and not a hippy.” 

Waiting For The Modem To Connect


Sitting in the customer lounge at Toyota waiting for some work to be done on my car and this guy comes into the children’s lounge (the boys are with me) to use an outlet and connect with his laptop.  He was having all kinds of trouble just getting to the internet and he asks me what browser I am using.  I tell him I am using explorer thinking to myself that it is odd that he would be having trouble using chrome or Firefox but he says “I guess I will try that since I can’t get AOL to work”.  AOL?  I am now waiting to hear his dial-up connection trying to work.

Side note: I just played this and the boys looked at me totally bewildered.  We are now having a discussion about the old days of dial up speeds and how slow the internet used to be as they stream video to the ipad.  Next we will discuss snail mail.




All Of That For A Dime?

Tonight we took the boys to see 42nd Street at the Muny. After the act centered around finding a dime and then busted into “We’re in the money” song and dance Cutler looks at me and asks “All that for a dime?”

It seems like he has something like that almost every day where his one liners just leave me in between rolling my eyes and rolling in laughter. 

Our Little Fish

Last night was Cutler’s first swim meet…ever.  He was so confident in his speed that he decided to give the other poor fools he was competing against a sizeable head start.  He says he finished second in the heat, potentially supported by this video, but his ribbon was for third.  Expecting a quicker start next week.

The Great Ketchup Mustard Challenge

Not sure where it came from, but while having dinner on Saturday night Cutler came up with the idea to mix mustard and ketchup on a nacho chip.  He started by saying I wonder how it would taste and I offered him $.25 to give it a try, he countered with $100.  After a few minutes of tough negotiations we settled at $1.  For those not really in touch with Cutler’s eating prowess, you need to know that him even considering this was a huge step so I really didn’t think it was going to happen.  He was so proud of himself and was beaming the rest of the night.