Brother’s Day 2017

Getting this one in just in the nick of time. Today is the 8 year anniversary of Cutler being diagnosed with AML and rather than wallow in sorrow, many years ago we chose to celebrate this day and name it brothers day. We came up with this when Mason, then four years old, got tired of celebrating Mother’s Day and then Father’s Day and asked us when Brother’s Day was and so the holiday was born. We started our first Brother’s Day with the big celebration of heading to Disney World, but unfortunately as the boys have gotten older and unable to skip school we are forced to lighten the celebration to a hair cut, swim practice, and dinner. Unfortunately this year it was even without me as I wrap up training for the new bakery in Dallas, but that’s alright as it is more the celebration of Mason and Cutler being together.

Proud Dad Moment

Tonight was the first game of the playoffs for Mason’s hockey team.  After an up and down season they took the 4th seed in a 16 team league and tonight’s game was a tough one.  After three periods it ended at 2-2 with Mason’s team going into overtime on a 5 on 3 penalty kill.  After a scoreless 5 minute overtime it came down to a best of three shoot out.  Mason’s coach chose to shoot second and then pulled Mason to the side and told him “I chose to shoot second because you are going to win this game for us.”  And what do you know, Mason went out and saved the first shot, our shooter went down and had an amazing deke and a goal.  Mason then made a phenomenal (lucky) save with the butt end of his stick.  Our next shooter put on a great deke but lost the puck.  Then came their third shooter and Mason stood strong.  I hate to leave things to sports, but I was so proud of how he stood up to this test of pressure.  Below is a video clip, filmed by another dad, of the last shot.  What is perhaps even more heart warming is that the team you see watching and cheering after the save is the other team from our Kirkwood club that we will face tomorrow in the second round.

Someday Is Today, Day 22 & 23

I am totally blown away by the generosity of our family and friends.  Two days ago we met our goal of $4000 and I ask to push towards another $1000.  In those two days we raised $910 alone.  You are all so incredibly amazing and I can’t thank you all enough.  We walk tomorrow night and please know that we will be walking with you thoughts of you and your support.  My fact of the day (last two days actually) will be just an image of our hero, Cutler.  This December will be 7 years!

12027308_852658608183692_3744998645374489895_oFor those that haven’t had the chance yet, don’t despair as the site is open for at least another month!

Someday Is Today, Day 21

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated and helped share our message.  Today we surpassed our original goal of $4000.  Pretty amazing to get such support in only 21 days.  But don’t think the effort is over.  Time to stretch the goal a bit and see if we can get to $5000!

Help us illuminate the possibility of a future without blood cancer.

14305420_10153905346769013_976230778347225046_oNo donation is too small!

Someday Is Today, Days 16,17,18

Sorry, took the weekend off accidentally on my daily mission.  So here is a little something from a recent email from the Exec Director of LLS, Midwest region.

“In 2015, 6 new agents received FDA approval and 8 potential new agents were given breakthrough status to treat blood cancers.  While these new treatment options serve many different blood cancer subtypes, the standard of care for AML has not changed in 40 years.  LLS has brought together an unprecedented collaboration of renowned academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies to develop more individualized, effective treatment approaches to BEAT AML.”

This hits very close to home as Cutler’s battle was against AML.  While we tout the improvements in the battle against different types of leukemias, it is shocking to see that AML is so far behind.  However, it is great to see the resources being put forth to address this and push on in the fight thanks in large part to the efforts of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

No donation is too small!