It was on this day 13 years ago that I managed to marry my best friend and love of my life in Belize.  I’m lucky to have her in my life to help make me a better person, a better father, and a reason to become a better husband on a daily basis.  Fortunately she is patient and doesn’t expect miracles on a daily basis.  As is with most of our anniversaries, it was a very romantic day sitting at the bank getting our lease notarized, her taking the boys to the movies, me taking the boys skating, and then her shuttling Mason to youth church.  Here is to eternity with my wonderful wife.

Brother’s Day 2016

Tonight after Cutler’s game when it was brought up that today was the 7th anniversary of his diagnosis he asked why do we have anniversaries of bad things.  No matter how hard I tried to explain that it is for both bad and good he just couldn’t accept it.  This is why we started celebrating Brother’s Day in 2010 with a quick trip to Disney World.  After Mason had grown tired of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, he asked when was Brother’s Day and so a new family holiday had been formed.  We have cut back from such trips now that the boys are in school, but we always make an effort to celebrate one way or another.  Unfortunately today was occupied with hockey and baseball for both boys so we are postponing the celebration until next Saturday.  But alas I still need to wish them both a very Happy Brother’s Day.


It’s Moving Time…almost

A lot of people have learned already, but now it is official.  Melanie has taken a new job with Frito Lay that is having us move back to St. Louis.  We have mixed emotions about the move as we will miss our great friends and family here in Dallas, but this is a great opportunity for Melanie and I am really looking forward to spending some time around my family as I have lived in the area for only a year since I graduated from college so many years ago.  The boys feel the same way, but are very excited to be able to see their cousins more often.  We don’t know the date yet as we have to sell our house here and find one in St. Louis, but as it approaches I will be sure to share.




10 Years!

10 Years ago today I somehow convinced Melanie that I was good enough to marry her.  Despite my occasions of proving myself wrong, she has stuck with me and along the way provided me with two incredible boys.  I couldn’t imagine and don’t want to think of life without her.  Thank you Melanie for marrying down and thank you Belize for your marriage laws carrying over to the USA.


Our Latest Graduate

Tonight Cutler had a graduation ceremony that I unfortunately had to miss for one of Mason’s baseball games.  I was just looking through Melanie’s pictures and videos and found this great photo of Cutler and his beautiful mother.  Finally a photo of Cutler minus the awkward smile.

023 (768x1024)

Missing Their Mom

Yesterday the boys and I spent the day at the ballpark while Melanie spent her day in Madrid touring for tapas and sangria. We really missed spending the day with her, but as hard as she works being the sensible parent of the two and keeping us moving around here she deserves the chance to enjoy some time away. What an awesome mom they have. Naturally, as she has to deal with sports all the time, this is the way the boys wanted to pose in a photo for her.