Proud Dad Moment

Tonight was the first game of the playoffs for Mason’s hockey team.  After an up and down season they took the 4th seed in a 16 team league and tonight’s game was a tough one.  After three periods it ended at 2-2 with Mason’s team going into overtime on a 5 on 3 penalty kill.  After a scoreless 5 minute overtime it came down to a best of three shoot out.  Mason’s coach chose to shoot second and then pulled Mason to the side and told him “I chose to shoot second because you are going to win this game for us.”  And what do you know, Mason went out and saved the first shot, our shooter went down and had an amazing deke and a goal.  Mason then made a phenomenal (lucky) save with the butt end of his stick.  Our next shooter put on a great deke but lost the puck.  Then came their third shooter and Mason stood strong.  I hate to leave things to sports, but I was so proud of how he stood up to this test of pressure.  Below is a video clip, filmed by another dad, of the last shot.  What is perhaps even more heart warming is that the team you see watching and cheering after the save is the other team from our Kirkwood club that we will face tomorrow in the second round.

Brother’s Day 2016

Tonight after Cutler’s game when it was brought up that today was the 7th anniversary of his diagnosis he asked why do we have anniversaries of bad things.  No matter how hard I tried to explain that it is for both bad and good he just couldn’t accept it.  This is why we started celebrating Brother’s Day in 2010 with a quick trip to Disney World.  After Mason had grown tired of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, he asked when was Brother’s Day and so a new family holiday had been formed.  We have cut back from such trips now that the boys are in school, but we always make an effort to celebrate one way or another.  Unfortunately today was occupied with hockey and baseball for both boys so we are postponing the celebration until next Saturday.  But alas I still need to wish them both a very Happy Brother’s Day.


Say Hello To His Little Friend

Hard to believe but Mason turned 11 on Monday.  Still continues to impress me as he continues to grow into such a loving, caring, funny and smart young man.  Here is a video of one of my favorite gifts he received (probably doesn’t rank real high on Melanie’s list).


And here is a photo of his living little friend that I would put at the top of Melanie’s list.  This is Joey, his dwarf hamster, which was a gift from Cutler.


Waiting For The Modem To Connect


Sitting in the customer lounge at Toyota waiting for some work to be done on my car and this guy comes into the children’s lounge (the boys are with me) to use an outlet and connect with his laptop.  He was having all kinds of trouble just getting to the internet and he asks me what browser I am using.  I tell him I am using explorer thinking to myself that it is odd that he would be having trouble using chrome or Firefox but he says “I guess I will try that since I can’t get AOL to work”.  AOL?  I am now waiting to hear his dial-up connection trying to work.

Side note: I just played this and the boys looked at me totally bewildered.  We are now having a discussion about the old days of dial up speeds and how slow the internet used to be as they stream video to the ipad.  Next we will discuss snail mail.




It’s Moving Time…almost

A lot of people have learned already, but now it is official.  Melanie has taken a new job with Frito Lay that is having us move back to St. Louis.  We have mixed emotions about the move as we will miss our great friends and family here in Dallas, but this is a great opportunity for Melanie and I am really looking forward to spending some time around my family as I have lived in the area for only a year since I graduated from college so many years ago.  The boys feel the same way, but are very excited to be able to see their cousins more often.  We don’t know the date yet as we have to sell our house here and find one in St. Louis, but as it approaches I will be sure to share.




It’s Hockey Time!

In honor of the start of the Blues and Stars regular season I thought I would share some videos of the boys’ latest hockey endeavors.

Cutler has finally started pre hockey, which is basically just skating lessons with the equipment on and a stick.  He clearly needs to work on using his right foot.

Mason has moved away from goalie this year and is skating out, in his video he is taking a penalty shot with the slow deliberate approach mastered by Oshie.  Here’s to hoping he develops the shot to go with it.  Sadly I cut the video off before he dropped to the knee and used his stick as a rifle as part of his sniper celebration.