Mother’s Day 2017

The mom’s in my life are so special that I decided they were too good to post this along with everyone else’s posts about their mother.

So happy Mother’s Day first to the incredible mother of my boys.  The way my boys look up to her and love on her really is well deserved.  She is patient and kind and always supportive of the boys’ dreams even if it means sitting at the ballpark watching them play baseball on her special day.

A very happy Mother’s Day to my special mom who has helped raise me to be what I believe is a pretty decent contribution to society and more importantly she has been an incredibly loving and supportive grandmother.  Sorry we missed your day yesterday, but your understanding and support of the boys’ schedules is also another component of why you are so special.

All Of That For A Dime?

Tonight we took the boys to see 42nd Street at the Muny. After the act centered around finding a dime and then busted into “We’re in the money” song and dance Cutler looks at me and asks “All that for a dime?”

It seems like he has something like that almost every day where his one liners just leave me in between rolling my eyes and rolling in laughter. 

It’s The Little Things

As the hockey season has come to an end for Mason,  I finally found time to start looking through some of the old videos and found this little gem from a tournament in Nashville.  As a goalie, Mason did a pretty good job with, at times, little defensive support and several times was hammered after the whistle with little to no push from the defense to interfere.  That was until this tournament.  After getting hammered in the first game by a team from Chicago the coaches must have gotten into their heads about protecting Mason as this was just a few minutes into this game.  Funny how this stood out to me more so than any good saves he may have made.

Another Year, Another Healthy Checkup

And another photo op with his big bear.

I’ll post more tomorrow about all of the fun had on our trip back to Dallas, but just wanted to let everyone know real quick that today’s visit went as perfect as any of these visits could go.  Including Cutler not flinching or crying one bit when they took his blood.  Still blown away by how he just watched and didn’t react when the needle went in.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

6 year check up