It’s Moving Time…almost

A lot of people have learned already, but now it is official.  Melanie has taken a new job with Frito Lay that is having us move back to St. Louis.  We have mixed emotions about the move as we will miss our great friends and family here in Dallas, but this is a great opportunity for Melanie and I am really looking forward to spending some time around my family as I have lived in the area for only a year since I graduated from college so many years ago.  The boys feel the same way, but are very excited to be able to see their cousins more often.  We don’t know the date yet as we have to sell our house here and find one in St. Louis, but as it approaches I will be sure to share.




2 thoughts on “It’s Moving Time…almost

  1. It must by bittersweet to think of leaving your wonderful friends and family in Dallas. However,just think———soon you will be surrounded by Cub-hating St. Louis Cardinal fans. Now, isn’t that something to look forward to?


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