Waiting For The Modem To Connect


Sitting in the customer lounge at Toyota waiting for some work to be done on my car and this guy comes into the children’s lounge (the boys are with me) to use an outlet and connect with his laptop.  He was having all kinds of trouble just getting to the internet and he asks me what browser I am using.  I tell him I am using explorer thinking to myself that it is odd that he would be having trouble using chrome or Firefox but he says “I guess I will try that since I can’t get AOL to work”.  AOL?  I am now waiting to hear his dial-up connection trying to work.

Side note: I just played this and the boys looked at me totally bewildered.  We are now having a discussion about the old days of dial up speeds and how slow the internet used to be as they stream video to the ipad.  Next we will discuss snail mail.




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