Hardwork Pays

The last couple of days have been a bit hard for Mason when it comes to sports.  On Thursday he had a pretty tough couple of at bats and got very upset after the game that he wasn’t hitting as well as the rest of the team and I explained to him that he needs to work harder and practice more if he wants to be good at what he loves.  It seemed to get through to him, but then at his skating lessons he wasn’t into it and seemed like he didn’t want to be there.  As frustrated as I was, I chose to not say anything to him and Melanie talked to him about it reiterating what I had told him on Thursday after the game.  I then had a similar discussion with him this morning on our way to watch a friend play lacrosse, because I just can’t keep quiet, and I think it is finally soaking in and hopefully today’s goal during his hockey game will help drive it home.

That’s right, after playing goalie most of last year, today Mason scored his first goal from an odd angle after almost giving up on the play.  At first I don’t think he realized he scored until he was mobbed by his teammates.  The smile on his face was priceless and matched most likely only by mine and Melanie’s.  Afterwards I asked him if it got him hungry for more and he said yes and I asked how he would go about resolving that hunger, looking for an answer of hustle and be aggressive, but his response was practice.  I think the message has begun to sink in and to help finish off the day of successes he beat me at a game of PIG and celebrated by shouting “I beat my dad!”.

I’m one proud father.

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