She’s Back

Today we were blessed to have Kobi return to the homestead for a visit on her drive around the country.  She arrived in time to help pick up the boys from school and each reception from the boys was as precious as the other.  You can tell they both really missed her a ton, even though she did not return from London with an autograph from the Queen.  It didn’t take long before Mason had suckered Kobi into a high stakes game of MASON (think horse) with the mini basketball on the mini hoop.  Mason comes up with some rather imaginative shots, including one from the scooter that I had a great video of that I can’t get to work.  Oh well, at least Mason can say that he beat Kobi at basketball, he just doesn’t have to mention that her name ends with an I instead of an E.

I’ll work on some more embarrassing videos that can be posted while she is in town.



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