Because He’s Happy

I took Mason to the Stars vs Blues game tonight.  I wore my Blues jersey and Mason chose to wear his Stars jersey.  He originally was going to wear his Blues one, but after I told him the Blues were on a four game slide he made a wise choice and went with the Stars.  We had some pretty good seats behind the Blues bench for a pretty good game…for the Stars.  Mason walked away with a tshirt he caught during intermission and a game puck given to him by a fellow Blues fan that was tossed to him from the bench after it was fired in and hit the glass behind the players.  To top it off, Mason did his happy dance after game and was photo bombed by an odd twosome of grown men dressed as a mouse and a coyote?  They were sober men, dressed as a pink mouse and a coyote.  Now that I put this in type, I question why I spent a few minutes talking hockey with them and allowing them anywhere near Mason.  🙂



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