The Waiting Room

Today while waiting for my turn to see the orthopedic surgeon about my hockey injured shoulder I decided that the next best sitcom, yet to be written, has to be based on the characters and the things they say and do while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room.  Today I found myself wishing that I had my ear buds with me so that I could appear to be listening to music, so as to avoid conversation with anyone, while listening in on their conversations and activities.  Some would call it eavesdropping, however given the volume at which they were talking there is no eavesdropping about it.  To start off there was the woman playing family feud on her phone with the volume cranked to full and he friend providing assistance over her shoulder trying to help her spell Harvard, unsuccessfully, while apparently being spotted the H–V-RD.  Then there was the overweight lady, with the extremely obnoxious and loud ring tone going off for what appeared to be an eternity, but she wasn’t able to answer as she couldn’t reach it in her front pocket while wedged into the wheel chair.  Then came in a very well built older man standing about 6’5″ using a walking stick that appeared to be the staff used by Little John in the tales of Robin Hood.  This man called everyone young man, in a friendly way, and was an expert on everything from the traffic to local politics to the fine art of jujitsu.  Fortunately he gathered the attention of another young man and left me to my observations.  Finally there was the middle aged man that thought he was better than everyone else and couldn’t believe he was…oh wait, that was me.

I’m telling you, there is television gold waiting in just about every waiting room.  I’m thinking it is time to team together with Angie (first born of two sisters*) for her stories and start reaching out to Hollywood**.

*After referencing Angie in a previous post I was informed that I am no longer to refer to her as my older sister, even though she is.

**Do you still have to go to Hollywood to get a show run?  Burbank maybe?

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