We Have A Sign!

So this past week the crew has completed demo, roughed in the electricity, roughed in the plumbing, cut through the main electrical line to the fire panel for the entire development, and installed our sign. I’m trying to gloss over that cut through the main line and I will hold off on blaming my contractors as the conduit was run IN the cement and not under the cement. We are currently a few days behind schedule, but the GC is feeling pretty confident that we can make up this time along the way. Most important is that the sign has gone up and it’s starting to create some buzz and awareness of what’s going in.

Up next this coming week is for the oven to be installed on Monday and to start framing in the walls. Meanwhile Rebecca and I are working on finding some potential community events to attend to help sample and spread the goodness of Nothing Bundt Cakes as we prepare for our grand opening. Based on the original construction schedule we were targeting 11/11, but to be safe I will estimate 11/18 for now. The stress level is climbing as I continue to learn something new every day, but seeing people’s reaction when they learn what we are opening I get that much more excited.

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