Hurried Up and Now Waiting

We have made some major progress in the past two weeks and even more so over the last week. In fact, we made so much progress I️ thought for sure we would be ready to start training first thing tomorrow morning. But alas I️ have been reminded once again that nothing goes as planned. On Thursday we discovered issues with our fire alarm communication board not communicating with the fire dispatch and were shuttered until it could be resolved. While waiting for the technician to arrive we managed to set off the fire alarm and somehow that faulty communication board communicated with dispatch and so we had a visit from the fire department, but still didn’t count as pass in the test. This is also where my beautiful young nieces discovered that Uncle Aaron is a bit more free with his language when under a lot of stress. After waiting nearly two days the technician finally showed late Friday and we believe has resolved the issue. We will no more tomorrow morning when the chief comes out for our test and if all goes well we should be training by Wednesday at the latest. Let’s hope I️ didn’t just jinx the project again.

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