Losing My Mind

There is pretty much nothing exciting to write about and so I was looking through old videos and photos that I hadn’t shared when I ran across our skiing videos of the boys.  I thought that I had shared them while we were in Winter Park last March, but when I searched through the site I couldn’t find them.  So, here are a few videos of the boys and their progression throughout the three days that we skied.

The first half of this video is from during his first lesson on the first day.  The second half is from after his lesson when I took him up on the bunny hill that I stuck to the majority of that day.  He had pretty much mastered going straight downhill.

This next video is from the third day after just a day and a half of lessons.  That day Melanie and I took him up a couple of lifts.  He eventually skied down a blue with Melanie while I took a nice and relaxing trip down a green.  Was pretty amazed at how quickly and easily he picked it up.  Thinking the skating knowledge definitely helps.

Here is Cutler’s first day of lessons showing he can also go straight downhill.

Here is Cutler getting one on one lessons during his second day as all of the other kids his age lost interest and headed inside for cocoa and movies.

And finally, here is Cutler on the third and final day where I was continuing my easier slopes and was fortunate enough to run across Cutler taking a run down the hill with his instructor and fellow student.  The improvement is amazing after only three days.

Watching all of these over again has now made me want to get to the slopes again.  Definitely one of my favorite vacations taken to date.


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