It’s A Boys World

Melanie had to fly to Australia for what she claims is work this past Friday night and now the boys and are living the college life for the next two weeks.  This includes eating nothing but dip and burgers for the super bowl, ordering pizza, running from sporting event one after the other, and turning our underwear inside out in order to use them just one more time before having to do the laundry.  Ok, that last part is a joke…we just go commando.

At first I was a bit stressed at the thought of dealing with these two monkeys by myself for two weeks, but it is actually turning into a pretty good time…aside from missing Melanie terribly that is.  It started a bit rocky on Saturday, but after having several discussion with the boys that involved pleading for peace between the two of them, things have started to go really well.  That being said, it is still very early in the trip and we can not wait for Melanie’s return.


At the airport hiding our apprehension as we said good bye to Melanie.

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