Someday Is Today, Days 10 and 11

So I missed last night thanks to a heavy dose of 11 year old birthday party and college football.  However, today is so full of emotions for us that it can easily count for at least two days.  Today is the 7 year anniversary of Cutler’s diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Combined with the terrorist attacks 8 years prior, this day is always pretty heavy on our hearts and helps serve as a strong reminder as to why we raise funds and awareness.  I believe a post that I put together in 2014 says it better than I will ever be able to say it again…

No donation too small when you realize that it is going towards stopping anyone from having to go through this experience in the future.

I just read the post again and those damn emotions are rising up again.  Please do consider a donation of any size.  Thank you to those that have already donated, please consider sharing with your friends and family.  No one should ever have to fight this fight and feel these emotions.  Yes, we won the fight, but there are still too many having to fight that fight.

To avoid ending this post on a somber note, here is a photo of a healthy champion from tonight’s baseball game.  I love that smile!


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