Learning The Ropes

Two nights ago, after dinner, the boys each tackled their own ropes course.  First Cutler tackled one more suitable for his age about 1/2 story off the ground.

Then Mason, surprisingly, stepped up and tackled the one that is over three stories high.  Only a few obstacles in, on the first level, he was nearly in tears with frustration over his inability to slide the safety harness along with him.  I thought for sure he was ready to give up, but after a few words of encouragement and reminding him to relax and just have fun he pushed on.  By the time he got around the first level I was fully confident that despite tackling his frustration he was still going to be done.  Then Mason surprised me and pushed on to the second level.  I thought for sure there was no way he was going to the top, but as his resolve to ring the bell grew so did our pride.  No way in the world would I have tried this at his age and there were plenty of adults that night that didn’t go to the top and out on the narrow plank to ring the bell, but there was our strong willed and determined Mason.  So proud of him.

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