It’s Just Youth Baseball

Yesterday Mason’s baseball team took a heart breaking loss after being up 11-0 that went to the last out of the game to end the season.  It quickly went from a blowout to a pretty tense game in just three innings.  We had it won and then everyone just fell apart.  We should have won the game.  In my few years of coaching, I don’t recall ever taking a loss as hard as this one.  When talking to the boys I could feel myself nearing a tear, very odd for me when it comes to youth baseball as I usually keep it all in the proper perspective, but I couldn’t help but feel like I let the parents down.  How sad is that, I was more concerned about how I let the parents down and not the kids?  Sure, the kids were upset, but five minutes after the game was over I saw at least three of them running the bases laughing away.  On the ride home all I could think about was the many things I might have done different to have won the game.  I was really beating myself up for a lot of things, then Cutler got home and he was all over me to play video games with him.  It was then that I snapped back to reality and realized that it was just youth baseball.  It wasn’t a game of survival like Cutler went through when he was six months old.  There were no scholarships on the line, no pro scouts searching for the next great 8 year old, it was just youth baseball.  It wasn’t like every six months when we worry about if the leukemia has returned and Cutler must start the fight over again.  It was just youth baseball.  For now on, when I start to feel down about something like this again, I am going to grab Cutler and sit down for a video game.

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