Fighting His Way Out Of A Paper Bag

Yesterday Mason was nice enough to do some yard work with me while being very impressed with my ability to snap branches in half with two bare hands.  As my friend Adam would say to his son when asked how he can do that…”I am quite possibly the strongest man in the world.”  Had I used that line, I am quite sure Mason would have believed it, instead I handed him some of the thinner branches to give it a go on his own.  When it came time to bag everything up I needed help opening the large paper bags and so I decided it would be best to just put him in the opening and let him open from the inside out.  While he was doing it I offered up the question as to whether or not he was strong enough to fight his way out of the paper bag, but it was lost as he had never heard of the saying.  However once I told him about it he wanted to give it a try, but I held him back for fear of not having enough bags.  I will admit, had the Cardinals not pulled out the game last night and been swept by the Cubs this post would have had a whole other twist about the new look of the Cards fans, but alas Yadi had to step up and ruin my potential post.  Karma is clearly tough on me as the Rangers are getting roughed up by the Rockies at this very moment.

One thought on “Fighting His Way Out Of A Paper Bag

  1. Thank goodness for Yadi! I hope the Cardinals get their act together soon. This season has been pretty distressing for us fans.


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