Never Too Old To Learn From Your Kids

Tonight my hockey game was early enough for Mason to come watch for the first time. The first period or so he was running around the rink playing with his buddies, which brought back memories of me running around the bowling alley while my parents bowled, but that’s another story for another time. The coolest moment of the night for me was to look up when I was skating out for a face off and Mason was right there shouting for me and he got so excited when I waved. After the game was over he asked if he could get a picture with the pro and so I gladly obliged with the photo below thinking he was being funny about me just playing and calling me a pro. After I took the photo I realized he wanted a picture with one of my teammates that plays for the Dallas professional indoor soccer team. My ego took a hit until my dad, who was able to watch along with mom, backhanded me with the “compliment” that I wasn’t as bad as he expected. Ego restored? The night was capped off perfectly with Mason providing me some ideas on what I could do better next time and the sincerity in his efforts put such a huge smile in my heart. I am blessed to have such a sweet boy willing to coach the old man.


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