Dinner Photo Bombs

While on the Disney cruise my mom thought it was a good idea to take photos of our food.  She said something along the lines of dad would like to see them.  I didn’t really see any value in doing so and so after a few times of going along with it I decided it was necessary to photo bomb a couple when she gave me her camera to photograph my food.  Melanie caught me and surprisingly decided to follow suit rather than scald me for my childish behavior.  Fortunately mom never noticed and I kept waiting and waiting to hear from her after she got home and showed dad the photos.  Sadly that moment never came and so either they didn’t want to indulge my sense of humor or their eye sight is going with their age.  Below are a sample of the photos, I’ll let you figure out which ones are photo bombed.  Sadly I still sit here and chuckle as I look at the photos.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Photo Bombs

  1. We did notice. We were hoping that it would annoy you that we didn’t comment. I will have to forgive Betty. I thought it was her and not my (I thought) SWEET daughter-in-law.


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