Date Night – Dubai Style

As today is Valentine’s Day, I feel it is appropriate to share my valentine’s last date night, which also happened to be in Dubai.  I have shared a few pictures of the “seven star” hotel, Berj Al Arab that was just off the coast from our hotel, including a failed attempt at a joke where it was my dinner date for a night when Melanie had a work function. I had heard marvelous things about the lobby of this hotel and the only way to visit it was to have tea, dinner, or drinks at their 27th floor bar.  Since I don’t drink tea, but I do like alcohol we chose to head up to the 27th floor for a lovely date night.

The kicker for having drinks is that you have a minimum per person set for what you have to spend that equates to around $200 total for the both us so we were expecting some really marvelous and fancy drinks as well as we fully expected to walk out of there feeling really good.  What we quickly discovered when we got there was that the minimum could be hit pretty easily given their pride in the drinks.  For example, a glass of champagne cost around $40 and an import beer was $30.  Fortunately our love has no cost so we marveled and chuckled at the prices and had a grand time.  We were even fortunately enough to get a table facing out to the ocean with a view to the downtown.  Unfortunately the inside is lit in such a way, think disco, that you really can’t get much of a view but it was still great to kick back and relax with the love of my life for an extravagant date night.  Something we seldom get here in Dallas.

As for the lobby that I had heard so much about, it was a bit underwhelming.  They do have two interesting fountains and some nice tile work, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the beauty, aside from the one that was on my arm that evening.  Below are some pictures from our evening as well as a video of each fountain, including one that shows how high the fountain shoots up into the lobby.

Editor’s Note: The extra cheese in this email is prodded by my love for my wife and because it is Valentine’s Day.  I shall resort to less sap starting tomorrow.

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