Lost Lesson

This morning, before school, Mason and I were watching the Olympics and in a cross country sprint skiing event a competitors ski broke and despite the ski being broken the competitor continued to push on including a couple of falls.  No matter how much he struggled he kept getting up and pushing on.  Mason asked if he was allowed to quit and didn’t have to finish and so I thought it was a great opportunity to show him that you don’t quit no matter what and rebutted with confusion as to why he isn’t allowed to quit.  I continued to explain to him that he could quit, but he pushed on out of pride and that you only get so many opportunities to represent your country and compete like this.  I thought that I had finally got him to realize what I was talking about and that it was a perfect learning opportunity, but alas the conversation ended with…”So, he doesn’t have to finish?”  I just shook my head and walked away.

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