Mason’s Turn

Yesterday was Cutler’s beast mode day with two goals and this afternoon, before Seattle made a mockery of the Super Bowl, it was Mason’s turn as his hockey team won 36-1 or something along those lines.  We quit keeping score around 20, but apparently one of the other parents was running the full tally.  No goals for Mason though as he was playing goalie.  I’d love to say it was a difficult effort to steer away so many shots to keep them to one, but I think he had maybe seven saves.  I would place his beast mode in the ability to remember to watch for the puck if the other team happened to work their way down towards him, which in this case was very seldom thanks to a stellar effort from the entire team.  Below are a couple of videos, the first one of Mason’s total concentration taking a slight lapse enabling him a split second to wave at me while the kids were going after the puck in the corner and the other is the celebration that followed this victory.  I love watching these kids mob each other as if they just won the cup.



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