Don’t Let Them Grow Up

As I watched Cutler walk himself down the long hall to his classroom on Friday I thought to myself that I wished time would stand still and he wouldn’t get any older than he is now.  While both he and Mason were babies and getting older I was always very careful to never say to myself “I can’t wait until they grow out of this stage” because I realized that at some point it was going to be the last time that I got to enjoy those stages with them.  With Cutler and his battles we missed out on some of late night bottle feedings and watching him learn to crawl that we did with Mason.  These were our last chances to enjoy those stages forever…at least until our grandkids come around, but that is never a given.  So on Friday after thinking of it, I realized that our boys may have hit the “perfect” ages for us to hold on to them forever.  Mason is old enough to be pretty self-sufficient, he enjoys sitting down and watching an entire sporting event, he can read and comprehend at a pretty high level and discuss intelligently what he reads, and more importantly he still likes to cuddle up with his parents and isn’t afraid to tell us he loves us.  Cutler is at the age where he still calls us momma and dada, he loves on us and regularly accepts the love in return, he still enjoys holding our hands when we walk, yet he doesn’t require us to do everything for him, and everything new he experiences brings out a new glistening of joy in his eyes.  But that was Friday.  Today the boys bickered nonstop with Cutler pushing Mason’s buttons every chance he got and Mason always having to be right…about everything.  As aggravating as it got, I won’t say it and I never will.  I still don’t want them to grow up.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Grow Up

  1. I am glad you take the time to enjoy the boys even when they are not displaying their most attractive qualities. I am also so glad that you share these times with us, so that we can enjoy them, too, albeit from afar!


  2. After seeing them a little on Saturday at each of their sporting events, I woudl agree…this is a great age for both of them! I think another overnight in Dallas with me and Uncle Mr. Rick is in order!


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