An incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking blog post by Kobi, Cutler’s Former Nanny/Melanie’s Cousin/Former Tenant/Former Freeloader/Good Friend.  Please give it a read and then take the time to think about how your words may impact the young ladies in your life.



3 thoughts on “#LikeAGirl

  1. Um, you are awesome. This also makes me want to sign up for Tumblr or something just so I need to have the handle (or whatever the kids are calling usernames these days) of Former Freeloader. As your ‘illegitimate mistake’, you’re good peeps!


    • Bahahaha, I was actually being serious in my previous comment (it’s really hard to sense sarcasm in text); if I could go by ‘Former Freeloader’, then it means the unemployment drought has ended! So we can change the ‘strike one’ to…well, Mason’s the one who is good with baseball terminology-make him figure out a substitute for me 😉


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