Blood Moon

Thanks to the morning news from yesterday I set my alarm and awoke to see the “blood moon” produced by the lunar eclipse that is a rather rare occurrence.  At first, when I went outside to see it at 3:15 am, I was thinking to myself that I must be quite the fool.  Then, when I didn’t hear another breathing soul in the streets of my neighborhood I realized that my suspicions must be true.  Five minutes after watching it and heading back to bed I figured that while I was a fool I could at least check it off of my list, along with Haley’s Comet.  Then I just downloaded the photos from my camera and decided that it was actually pretty cool to see and I am glad I did it.

Snapshot 1 (4-15-2014 10-50 PM)

This picture probably doesn’t do it justice, so hopefully when I have more time to mess with the video and photos I can edit something to help show how cool it really was.

2 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. I think it is a great picture! I was going to do this on Monday but it was raining and too cloudy to see. Now I wish I would have done this on Tuesday. Thank you for the picture!


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