Our Little Boy Is All Growns Up

A lot of people on The Facebook like to use Thursdays to “turn back the clock” or something along those lines as an opportunity to post pictures from the past, so perhaps I will start doing the same on here.  Today I will turn the clock back all the way to November 28, 2013.  While celebrating Thanksgiving back home, O’Fallon, for the first time in many years everyone migrated outside to play in the leaves and get their family pictures taken.  In fact, this is where we got the boys’ pictures for the New Year’s card that we sent out.  (side note: it was new year’s as we procrastinated too much to get them out as Christmas.  At least this way it stood out and probably got more attention)  So back to the story, Cody (the oldest grandson) seldom shows emotion other than a total lack of interest and this is why I was so shocked to find him willing to play along for the camera.

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