I’ve Got Nothing

It’s funny how writer’s block works with me.  As part of my A Year In The Life series, I am trying to write a post per day.  Here I am, only 23 days into my effort and I am struggling already to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) in order to get this written within the next 12 minutes.  It’s not a matter of procrastination, it’s just a matter of this being the first time I have had all day to sit down and write (damn work, extra long lunch with old work buddies, kids’ sports, adult kid’s sports).  All day I had plenty of ideas of what to write about, but when it comes to sit down and write there’s just a huge void inside of my head.  I suppose this is why I should write down my ideas throughout the day and try to develop them when I finally get a chance to sit down and write.  Perhaps I need to keep a running list so that on nights like tonight I can always thumb through my list and find some inspiration, because right now I’ve got nothing but this rambling, which is at least a very true representation of how my head works on a regular basis.  I knew I would have days of nothing, I just didn’t expect them to hit this early in the effort.  Here’s to hoping for something inspirational tomorrow.

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