Washing Away The Brown

Last night I got home from Mason’s batting practice and went into Cutler’s room, who was already in bed, and started talking to him and I asked if he took a bath.  He told me he did and that he “washed away the brown”.  I asked him if he was that dirty and he told me he was brown in a couple of areas.  I assumed it was his way of telling me he was dirty until he took his bath…that was until I spoke with Melanie this morning and she informed me that he had accidentally pooped in his pants and in an attempt to clean himself he had gotten all over himself.  She thought that she had cleaned it up and put him in the bathtub and then looked in the water and saw the color quickly changing to brown.  Apparently when Melanie said he had it all over himself, he really had it ALL OVER himself.  Fortunately by the time I got to him in bed, he had washed away all of the brown.


2 thoughts on “Washing Away The Brown

  1. Not only was it stinky, but it was ALL OVER his legs and hands, as well as landing some on the rug. Good thing I don’t have gag reflex!


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