Golf Is The Loneliest Sport

At least it is when you play alone.  On Tuesday, while Melanie was working, I took off to the Montgomery golf club for a round of golf.  On the way I found this impala roaming the streets of Dubai.


When I arrived I was very happy to find myself playing alone as after a couple of months off I was a bit self-conscious of my game.  It turned out to be a very good thing that I was alone as I was also playing with rental clubs and despite popular opinion a good craftsman can blame his tools.  I quickly discovered how much I love my own clubs and after finding myself talking to myself and then answering, out loud, I realized that I also miss playing with my buddies.

I am happy to say that I broke 90, so all in all it was a good round.  More importantly I got to take in some spectacular views while playing a game I love and having a great conversation with the funniest guy I know…me.

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One thought on “Golf Is The Loneliest Sport

  1. So a lot of green grass for being in the desert? Golf by yourself seems like an anomaly. I guess it does probably improve the concentration aspect. It doesn’t sound like much fun, though.


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