Happy 10th Birthday Mason

Today is Mason’s 10th birthday for which we celebrated by getting up early and going to Cutler’s soccer game, then Cutler’s hockey, then Mason’s hockey, then a quick nap for the adults, church, and dinner.  Not once did Mason ask about gifts.  He is growing into such a thoughtful, caring and well rounded individual.  We couldn’t be more proud.  Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for him.

10th birthday mason

Hey Dad, Did You Know…

“That Hitler had only one testicle”

-Mason Fricke

These are the types of nuggets, of random knowledge, Mason likes to throw at me periodically. Apparently he learned it on a top ten list of things you may never know from YouTube. Time now to teach him that just because it is said on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. 

If A Tree Falls In The Forest…

Mason had his first spring hockey game on Monday and scored his first goal. Unfortunately I was on the bench talking to one of the players and missed the goal. Melanie was in the stands being distracted by Cutler (see drinking beer). So the philosophical question continues, did it really occur?

According to the stats sheet and everyone not related to him it did so good job Mason!


Someone Is Not Excited About Turning 6 Tomorrow 

This kid WILL NOT SHUT UP! Seven hours of driving leaves us exhausted but fills him with energy. In case it’s not clear, he needed to shower so he could be clean for his birthday. He also needed a good night sleep so he could be ready for his birthday.