Another Year, Another Healthy Checkup

And another photo op with his big bear.

I’ll post more tomorrow about all of the fun had on our trip back to Dallas, but just wanted to let everyone know real quick that today’s visit went as perfect as any of these visits could go.  Including Cutler not flinching or crying one bit when they took his blood.  Still blown away by how he just watched and didn’t react when the needle went in.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

6 year check up


Happy 6th Second Birthday

The second birthday may be confusing, but for those who receive bone marrow transplants it is very clear that this is the day that their new, healthy, blood was born.  Six years ago today, depending on what time zone you are reading this from, was that life saving day for Cutler and it is such a glorious day.

This morning before school I was explaining to the boys what this day was and how bone marrow and bone marrow transplants work, including the destruction of the old bone marrow and Mason’s immediate response was “wow dad, that is pretty serious, he could have died.”  I just kind of smiled and told him he was right, but God didn’t let that happen.

I’ll be honest, it is only now that the truth of Mason’s words are hitting me hard and making me realize how blessed we are to have Cutler running around and living life like the crazy, loving, funny, and goofy person he is.  Throughout the year I successfully suppress the memories and emotions of what we went through during his battle, but there are three days that always bring it back.  September 11th, the day he was diagnosed, today, and this coming Monday when we will walk into the oncologists office for Cutler’s annual visit.

I kind of wish the days could be spread out more evenly throughout the year so that I can be reminded more often what is truly important in this world.

Below are a few pictures from each of Cutler’s 2nd birthdays.

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My Little Goon


looking for his next target

This morning in warm ups before practice Cutler had a kid steal the puck from him and rather than cry, which has been a problem, he quickly retaliated with a couple slashes. A few minutes later a kid accidentally ran into him and knocked him down. Naturally the best reaction was to get up and see how the other kid was, instead he took a couple whacks at him as well. Add that to his two goals from yesterday’s scrimmage and we almost have the Gordie hat trick. 

Unconditional Love Versus Long Division

Words can not explain how much I love Mason, but the past two days have really put that love to the test when it comes to trying to help him with his long division homework.  Through tears and frustration (that’s just on my side) I think he gets it, but unfortunately he is just like me and it is now a matter of getting him to quit trying to work it all in his head.

In the end, unconditional love has won when he told me this morning, “Thanks Dad!  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Light The Night 2015

As we are still adapting to our new city, new home, new job, new routine, etc..I have really let things go on this blog but more importantly on our fund raising efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Cutler.  I feel bad it has taken this long to get this going, but we are participating in the St. Louis Light The Night effort as part of the LLS effort to raise funds and awareness to help eradicate blood cancers.  If you would like to help us in our effort please click on the following link to make a donation.

Our walk is this weekend, but donations should be accepted via this link through the end of the year.  Any amount helps, let it be $1 or $1,000,000.  Just taking the time to understand what we are fighting against is enough reason to click on the link.  Any and all awareness and donations are accepted and please feel free to forward.

September 11th was the six year anniversary of our abrupt introduction to the world of blood cancers and I can’t express what I felt anymore than what I wrote last year, so please take the time to read.

I would never wish the pain that we experienced during Cutler’s fight against anyone and so this is why we continue to fight.  There is a future without cancer so long as we stay focused and continue to support the cause.

Happy 10th Birthday Mason

Today is Mason’s 10th birthday for which we celebrated by getting up early and going to Cutler’s soccer game, then Cutler’s hockey, then Mason’s hockey, then a quick nap for the adults, church, and dinner.  Not once did Mason ask about gifts.  He is growing into such a thoughtful, caring and well rounded individual.  We couldn’t be more proud.  Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for him.

10th birthday mason